Dr. Trina Powell

Dr. Trina Powell serves as the Clinical Coordinator at the RT Restoration Center. She has served as a Clinical Manager/Supervisor for over fifteen years in a variety of settings. Her combined training and work experience provides a plethora of mental health expertise to those that she serves.

Over the years, Dr. Powell has provided individual, group, family, and marriage counseling to numerous clients, including children, families and adults. Issues she has addressed include, but are not limited to, mood disorders, victimization, post traumatic stress disorder, adjustment, conflict management, depression, and relationship problems. Although she innately draws upon a cognitive-behavioral theoretical orientation, she considers herself an eclectic clinician, drawing upon the theoretical model that would best serve the client’s needs.

Born and raised in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Dr. Powell earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Hampton University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Bowie State University, and a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University.

Dr. Powell was blessed to have grown up in a Christian household with strong religious beliefs and practices. If you ask her, she would say, “I had a praying grandmother who instilled praying in my parents, who then instilled it in me.” She made a personal profession of faith during her high school years and since then has been diligently growing spiritually. Dt. Powell has a strong belief that through God, all things are possible for those who believe and love Him. She further believes that God uses her to be a blessing to others, and she embraces that calling as she strives each day to be more of a blessing to Him and to all of His people.

Dr. Powell is a current member of the Mt Ennon Baptist Church and has been worshiping and serving there for over 25 years. Over the years she has served in a variety of capacities, but her current ministry activities include working in the Youth and the Music and Arts Departments.