Restoration Center Inc.’s
Psychological Evaluation/Assessment Services

If you or a family member is seeking psychological testing, we can help! Psychological testing may sound intimidating, but it’s designed to help and empower you. Think of psychological tests or assessments as similar to medical tests. When you have physical symptoms your doctor may order blood work or x-rays to confirm your diagnosis. Psychological evaluations serve the same purpose in that they collect information to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What to Expect:

Restoration Center Inc. completes comprehensive evaluations within 2-3 sessions, depending on the purpose of the evaluation. Our assessments start with an in-depth intake interview with the client (and parents for minors), collection of a detailed neurodevelopmental history, observations of the client, and administration of a series of standardized tests. A specific set of assessments and tests are chosen for each individual client. Once testing is completed, you will receive an evaluation report that contains a thorough assessment of your concerns, relevant history, and observations.

Evaluation reports provide detailed results of each test administered and a thorough summary explaining what your scores mean. We will not let you walk away unsure of any results. We strive to make the testing experience as personable as possible. Lastly, each report contains a comprehensive list of recommendations that specify what you need in order to be successful and healthy. At the end, you will participate in a feedback session that consists of a conversation about your evaluation results and treatment recommendations.

Some examples of when psychological testing is helpful:

• A person experiencing memory and cognitive delays could benefit from a cognitive assessment.

• A full diagnostic evaluation may be necessary to diagnose any number of emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders when a person is seeking clarification of their mental health diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations.

• A person seeking some direction and assistance with career planning.

• A child or adolescent is experiencing difficulty in school and is in need of aptitude testing or tests for learning disabilities.

• A child or adolescent who appears bright and/or bored at school and could benefit from IQ/Achievement testing.

• Teenagers and young adults transitioning into college in need of SAT and college accommodations and/or career interests assessments.

• A person having problems at work or school, or in personal relationships may benefit from a personality assessment to determine if they have issues with anger management or interpersonal skills, or certain personality traits that contribute to the problem.

How Do I Get Started?

• Contact Restoration Center Inc. to set up an intake session (301) 352-0320 ext. 610 or email us at restoration@reidtemple.org

• Attend the initial intake appointment (approximately 1.5 hours).

• Complete relevant intake questionnaires and psychological measures.

• For children and adolescents, additional observation sessions (in the office or at your child’s school) may be arranged.

• Discuss intake results and create an assessment plan (i.e., your assigned assessment clinician will propose a list of tests they can administer to meet your needs).

What Additional Supports Do You Offer?

We believe strongly in collaboration with allied professionals to ensure treatment success across settings. As such, additional therapeutic services are often offered:

• Written reports or letters to be given to physicians and psychiatrists.

• School observations and phone consults with teachers.

• Phone consults with allied professionals.

• Review and organization of previous testing results.

• Attendance at IEP and 504 plan meetings.

Payment Information

We understand that using your health insurance can help with the financial cost of treatment. Restoration Center Inc. accepts some health insurance plans, however individual insurance providers may need to approve payment for psychological testing services.

If we are not paneled with your insurance company, we would be happy to provide documentation to facilitate with the filing of claims should you wish to utilize your insurance benefits. Please check with your insurance company PRIOR to your first meeting so you are aware of ALL your health benefits.

Some questions you should ask your insurance company are:

• Does my insurance plan cover “psychological testing services”?
• Do I have a deductible that needs to be met?
• Do I need to get a referral from my Primary Care Provider or Insurance company before I can receive services?
• Does the company providing the “psychological testing” need to submit any paperwork to my insurance provider before my scheduled intake appointment?
• What is the percentage of reimbursement for a patient who pays for services from an “out of network provider” and the deductible, if there is one?